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        The use and function of non-woven box

        The storage box is specially used to organize messy Items box (box), equivalent to the trash, but is filled and non food items but not commonly used.
        Non-woven fabric (English Name: Non Woven) is also called non-woven, is composed of directional or random fiber, is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with moisture, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non combustion, easy decomposition, non-toxic non irritating, rich colors and recyclable etc.. Such as the use of PP material as raw material, through high temperature melting, spray, paving, hot rolling coiling step by step production. Because of the appearance and some of the properties of the fabric called non-woven.
        Classification of storage box:
        1, clothing storage box - storage box three sets
        The daily use of small objects to find them always let people have a headache, they would be under pressure in the large clothing, tucked away. Box three sets can be placed on the home of small objects placed to achieve a very good results. It can be hung in the closet or in the bedroom, in the full use of space, has a certain decorative effect, without you to find small objects and carry off all that one has.
        2, stationery box
        When it comes to desktop to let a person heart unhappy, because the child is always misplacing and criticized because of stationery. Now look at this a clover debris storage box basket, pen, pencil, what drawing eraser, correction fluid, thrown!
        3, clothing storage box
        This super large capacity space design, warm and lovely flowers. Convenient collection of all kinds of clothes, quilts and other items, while making full use of space, but also has a certain decorative effect.
        4, the underwear box
        There are all kinds of stockings, socks, socks and long cotton gloves. Do you have to sort them out? This requires a sorting box to help. The material is non-woven, with environmental characteristics, after special treatment, dust, anti-bacterial, deodorant, so you can rest assured that the use of convenient access.
        5, dirty clothes storage box
        Some change of clothes, put in the washing machine, there will be a smell and is temporarily stored in the storage box of the dirty clothes, lovely, generous and practical convenience.
        The utility model is provided with an elastic steel wire ring, and the outer cover of the utility model is of high quality pure cotton cloth. Can be used to contain the baby's toys and debris, can also be used as dirty clothes barrel, a lot of useful oh! And its beautiful appearance, making it at home not only practical and stylish, called a home landscape. At the same time it can fold up a little space.
        6, book magazine box
        A newspaper and magazine box with a pulley, and the pulley can be disassembled freely. Its bright colors, fashionable style, both a good home decoration, but also a good helper. Usually at home, magazines, newspapers and magazines will always be placed at random, until you want to see when you can not find. With this box,
        When you want to see when you can see, but also on both sides of the box has two pockets, some small debris can also be included.
        7, commonly used small objects in the box - storage box two sets
        The daily use of small objects to find them always let people have a headache, they would be under pressure in the large clothing, tucked away. Box two sets can be placed on the home of small objects placed to achieve a very good results. It can be hung in the closet or in the bedroom, in the full use of space, has a certain decorative effect, without you to find small objects and carry off all that one has.
        8, stool type storage box
        This stool is simple, warm and lovely design. Can be used as a stool can also be convenient for you to collect all kinds of debris, in the full use of space at the same time, but also has a certain decorative effect.
        9, commonly used disc storage box - folding drawer type storage box
        Although there are a lot of people have a special collection of CD, but readily available a small storage box is also quite pleasing. It is stylish, simple and generous, can be placed in the bedroom, study, office, wardrobe, can accommodate a variety of everyday items, to classify items, so that the room becomes orderly. When the utility model is not used, the utility model can be folded and placed, which is convenient and practical. The material is non-woven fabric, which is made of natural fiber, and has a soft and breathable function.
        10, the balcony clothes storage box - cartoon waterproof instoragebarrels
        Lovely animal design can be used as a room furnishings, storage or placed garbage, slingshot tube design can be folded and easy to collect, there is a waterproof layer can be placed in the wet material, easy to clean, can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
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